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break the firewall/isp — view blocked websites

December 2, 2008 9 comments

If a website is blocked by your ISP (or even government authorities). it is very likely that you can still gain access to those websites, this post will tell you how to bypass blockage by firewalls/ISPs, in order to achieve this goal we are going to use SSH tunneling to bypass firewalls and ISP’s rules/policies.


  1. windows users: download putty on your desktop.
    ubuntu users:
    no additional software/utility required.
  2. get an ssh account on a remote machine (e.g. an ssh server running at home), if you don’t have a machine running ssh service, you can still get ssh account from many paid and free ssh service providers listed here (a server in another country will help you browsing blocked websites by government agencies :)), I got a free account from and it’s tested.

Establishing the Tunnel:

for windows users I would recommend this video tutorial for tunnel set-up using putty.

Linux/Windows users can achieve this using following simple command.

ssh username@hostname -C -D 7070

where username is the username to connect with remote machine, hostname is ip or hostname of the remote machine, and 7070 is the tunnel port.

let me know if you liked this tip, comments and quries welcomed.

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