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update and retrieve twitter timeline from linux shell

January 24, 2009 8 comments

you can update your twitter status and follow feeds using linux shell, this is a quick tip for linux lover’s, this is the reason i prefer linux over other operating systems is it’s total usefullnes,

to post your status on twitter type:

curl -s -u username:password -d status="your_status_message goes here" > /dev/null

replace username, password and message to post with the your own.

to follow feeds from twitter.

curl -s -u username:password | grep title | sed -e 's/]*>//g'

replace username and password with your own. above command will retrieve recent rss entries from your twitter timeline.

one more cool thing you can do with this long command is to enclose it put it in a text file, let’s say “/usr/local/bin/get-twits” and make it exectuable by issuing

chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/get-twits

now open a new terminal windows and type:  watch --interval=60 get-twits

this command will keep your terminal windows updated with recent twitter updates.

enjoy 🙂


cloning harddrives over network

December 30, 2008 6 comments

To clone identical drives in a linux system you can use dd command, dd command makes it really easy.

dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

above command will clone hda to hdb (partitions, boot record etc), but what if you have to clone a drive that is not attached to same system?

I found a really interesting way to transfer files over the network simple by using netcat and dd.

  • Boot the machine (where second drive is attached) with a live cd distro like Ubuntu or Knoppix. Setup networking or let the DHCP server assign an ip automatically. My DHCP assigned this machine ip
  • run following command on this machine
    nc -l -p 7777 | dd of=/dev/hdb
    (where /dev/hdb is the target drive)
  • Now come to the machine where you have attached the drive to be cloned and issue following command.
    dd if=/dev/hda | nc 7777
    (/dev/hda is the drive to be cloned)

It will take time (usually several hours) depending on size of the drive. If you are worried about bandwidth you can pipe through gzip to compress and uncompress the streamed data on source and destination machine respectively, to do this you would run following commands.

On target machine:

nc -l -p 7777 | gzip –dfc | dd of=/dev/hdb

And on source machine.

dd if=/dev/hda | gzip –cf | nc 7777

have fun with dd and nc 🙂

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“kill -9” song by monzy

December 27, 2008 1 comment

really funny rap song about “kill -9” command by Monzy at stanford university.

check it out: audio, video, lyrics

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encouraging FOSS adoption

December 15, 2008 1 comment

this blog talks about how to get more and more FOSS exposure in schools and organizations.

from A Quantum of FOSS:

I believe it is important for every parent and taxpayer to contact their school district’s superintendent and/or IT department and voice their frustration over the money spent on a fairly useless education tool like MS Office when entirely sufficient free replacements exist. Parents and taxpayers need to make it known that wasting public funds in this way is not appropriate and may very well impact their votes on future funding efforts like bonds and mill levies.

Read full post here.

KESC deploys asterisk across hundreds of sites

November 25, 2008 4 comments

KESC — Karachi Electric Power Supply Company (Company Engaged in Generation, Transmission and Supply of Electric energy to Karachi  deploys asterisk across hundreds of sites. KESC has selected Emergen‘s Asterisk‘s Business Edition Solution for their telephony infrastructure and will be supporting  around 1500 phones.

About Emergen (quoting from their website):

Emergen Consulting is Pakistan’s premier Open Source Solutions provider. Established in December 2004 we have provided front and back end IT solutions to several major corporations. Our solutions provide the most Reliable, Secure, Scalable and cost effective alternatives to the expensive proprietary, license based enterprise wide IT solutions.

previously Emergen has successfully deployed asterisk at NADRA


installing ubuntu — video tutorial for newbies

November 25, 2008 1 comment

Browsing through youtube, i found this video tutorial for newbies and people who are afraid of installing ubuntu/linux.

ubuntu comes with an easy installer and it’s much easir than installing windows xp.

this video will help you understanding Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 installation process and describes installation options very well.

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zivios – open source enterprise management

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment



Zivios is a web based control panel which brings together vital open source technologies needed by medium and large enterprises. At it’s core, Zivios provides identity management, single sign-on, user, group and computer provisioning, as well as remote management of services.

have a look at features, architecture and screenshots page for more details.

Zivios main interface is built upon a PHP framework, for communication between servers/devices they have implemented a python based modular and extensible agent(a simple XML-RPC server) with ssl support for security purpose.

Current version of zivios is 0.5.1, and is in under extensive development, you can communicate with zivios developers via irc or mailing lists.