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one-half of the IT organizations worldwide are using VOIP

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Nearly half of the IT organisations surveyed in a global study by BT are using VoIP, the telecoms giant has announced.

More than 250 IT professionals took part in the study, which discovered that 48 per cent have a VoIP network at their work, an increase of 31 per cent from 2007.

A further 20 per cent are in the process of deploying the technology, with nearly three quarters (71 per cent) of these hopeful to have them working in two years.

In terms of criteria for choosing a specific solution, the most important were security, voice quality and network reliability.

‘Cost is a critical factor when building a VoIP business case, but other criteria must take higher precedence when evaluating various implementation strategies and solutions,’ the BT report said.

‘Make sure you understand what your top requirements are, be they network reliability, voice quality or security, before committing to a strategy.’

In terms of deployment, most are gradually replacing existing systems with VoIP.

The next most popular technique was to replace systems which were at the end of their lifespan with a new VoIP system.

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